Your Journey to the NCQA Certification

THOUGHTi have done numerous implementation for QRDA 1,QRDA 3 parsing and generation and achieving certifications for NCQA, MU2, PQRS, BTE and other accreditions.

Usually CCDA files for patients are the input for this whole process. Sometimes we get QRDA-I too. But either of the format should be ok. If you want to extend your engine to support both types of files (CCDA – QRDA-I), then you just need to prepare one file transformation logic, CCDA to QRDA-I or Vice versa.

A typical components and parts of this platform are

Data Extraction
Depending file format, this platform do data extraction, Capture all Patient Demographic information along with Diagnosis, Encounters, observatons, medications etc with their dates, statuses(active, dispensed etc).

Measure Core Logic
This is per measure logic, (Maybe multiple stratification), Depending on input patient data, it will set values for IPP, Numer or exception if any. This will happen for each patient. Platform stores this result in volatile memory. This also involves configuring OIDs and Master Value Sets.

Aggregation Logic
After measure calculation for each patient, platform aggregates them together and compare with NCQA reported values.

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