Lets play with FHIR

FHIR is regarded as a leading standard in healthcare today. It uses logical and theoretical models to make data exchange between healthcare applications consistent, easy to implement, and rigorous. THOUGHTi provides FHIR Consulting & Services to its customers. THOUGHTi provides an expert team of FHIR and Interoperability Consultants and devised a comprehensive workshop to make their clients ready to deep dive in their journey to achieve Interoperability through FHIR.


  • Understanding FHIR
  • Define the information that will be exchanged through FHIR
  • Discuss the process of information exchange through FHIR
  • Understand how to fully use the documentation, and how to reach out to other experts and implementers.
  • Explain how FHIR may be used in different interoperability paradigms (REST, messaging, e-documents, services)
  • Discuss how terminologies will be used in FHIR
  • Explain how information will be secured in FHIR
  • Hands on experience on FHIR Profiling and creating model and Implementation guide


  • Session 1: FHIR Readiness Assessment
  • Session 2: FHIR context and Background
  • Session 3: FHIR Basics
  • Session 4: FHIR Conformance
  • Session 5: FHIR Extensions
  • Session 6: Architectures and Interoperability Paradigms
  • Session 7: Understanding Terminologies
  • Session 8: FHIR profiling Exercise
  • Session 9: Model development Exercise

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