Migrating clinical data from Meditech using PCI Module & NPR Magic Programing

THOUGHTi’s Vendor Neutral Archive solution iVNA provides client a integrated platform to view patient clinical data without any dependency of legacy EMR. THOUGHTi’s professional and expert team take care of Data Migration project through innovative services that offer collaborative, customized solutions for their IT challenges.

The key qualities that help our client

  • Ready inventory of Clinical Data elements
  • Categorizing discrete and not discrete data
  • Deep Domain knowledge
  • Strong hold on NPR Magic Programming
  • A ready mapping of PCI module reports with Meditech DPMs

Following PCI Reports are ready with THOUGHTi inventory so that you do not loose time and resources to get meaningful data from your legacy Meditech EMR

1) department report
2) orders
3) admissions demographic data
4) visit history
5) emergency department data
6) laboratory data
7) blood bank test
8) microbiology data
9) pathology reports
10) blood bank history
11) radiology reportss
12) ed vital sign queries
13) abdoment queries
14) assessment queries
15) color sensation movement queries
16) glucose queries
17) hemodynamic monitoring queries
18) height & weight queries
19) intake & output summary queries
20) isolation queries
21) O2 sat queries
22) respiratory queries
23) skin querues
24) vital sign queries
25) medication order history
26) plan of care
27) scanned archived reports
28) vaccination status queries
THOUGHTi team create need-specific timelines and use ready available NPR reports to deliver data migration in smooth and effective way for you. Our thorough and detailed checklists and metrics guarantee you success.