STORE, UPDATE & RETRIEVE : Patient Clinical Data seamlessly across the health systems

Healthcare data are captured in many different settings such as hospitals, clinics, labs, and physician offices. In order to put together the longitudinal health record of a patient, all their data needs to be integrated accurately and efficiently despite the fact that the data is captured using disparate and heterogeneous systems. The lack of precise standards on the format of patient clinical data results in incomplete data sharing among healthcare professionals, patients, and data repositories.

“The only practical solution is a completely vendor neutral clinical repository for enterprise content management, including medical images.”

iVNA™ provides standards-based access to patient information. It stores information and allows real-time retrieval while maintaining compliance with privacy and security regulations, ultimately assuring independence from vendor-specific data formats. It provides an integrated platform for patient record management. It promotes interoperability and transparency of information-sharing across facilities.

iVNA™ handles both discrete as well as snapshots of patient clinical data.

A vendor neutral archive can stem the proliferation of proprietary departmental archives


Comprehensive and Powerful clinical data repository for health enterprise.

  • This is a Clinical Data Repository which provides standards-based access to patient information regardless of the viewing application.
  • It stores information and allows real-time retrieval while maintaining compliance with privacy and security regulations, ultimately assuring independence from vendor-specific data formats.
  • Collects images and data from a variety of systems such as imaging exams, lab and pathology data, video files, and JPEG images to create a cohesive patient portfolio.
  • Supports interoperability and integration standards and protocols such as HL7, CCDA, DICOM, non-DICOM, IHE (including XDS, XDS-i) and WADO.
  • Data coercion for data integrity.
  • Multi-tier encryption and security.
  • SSO (Single Sign On) integration so that providers do not need to reauthenticate and can seamlessly access patient information.

Unlike data archives that store legacy data in one tedious PDF, iVNA™ keeps your clinical data and files (PDFs, Scans, Images) in discrete format and are easily readable, organized by patient chart. It acts as a complete Clinical Data Repository.
iVNA™ Supports full and partial searches of patient charts by Chart Number, First Name, Last Name, SSN, or a combination of these. Patient information is organized in completely customizable modules based on the healthcare organization’s needs.

Discrete data includes

  • Patient Information
  • Charts
  • Vitals
  • Immunizations
  • Problem List
  • Medications
  • Allergies

patient-chart Comprehensive Patient chart

iVNA™ provides a comprehensive patient chart with all details such as demographics, contact information, insurance details, allergies, medications, prescriptions, social and medical history, immunization history

patient chart

ccr Continuity of Care Record (CCR) & Continuity of Care Document(CCD)

iVNA™ provides a way to generate CCR and CCD documents, which can be downloaded as PDFs. Also new CCDAs or CCRs can be uploaded into system.

document management Document Management

iVNA™ provides an easy way to explore and navigate various documents related to a patient. Documents include.

  • Advance Directive
  • CCR
  • Lab reports
  • Medical Record

document management

order-procurement Orders and Procedures Management

iVNA™ provides a way to handle all procedures and orders workflows through a user interface as well as storage via the database schema. It has the capability to look for all ICD-9, ICD-10, CPT, LOINC and RxNorm Codes. Also, it can be integrated with Lab (LIS) and Radiology (RIS) systems to exchange HL7 and DICOM messages to receive and generate order messages and create ePrescriptions and refills.

data-import Easy data import

iVNA™ supports following formats to import existing data.

  • CSV format
  • CCDA format
  • QRDA 1 format
  • Customized XML format

backup-recovery Backup and Recovery of data

iVNA™ has a built-in backup facility which can be used via web interface, called from the Command Line Interface or scheduled as a CRON job. Backup on an alternate server is also available – one just needs to configure ssh keys to remote server. Recovery scripts are available to restore system from backed up files.

access-control Access Control Layer

iVNA™ supports inbuilt ACL with:

  • User Role Management
  • User Group Management
  • User Management and Role Assignment

error-handling Error Handling

iVNA™ Logs messages with different levels in the queue and has a detailed Error Log viewer.

  • INFO
  • WARN

security-data Security & Data Protection

  • Server is SSL over TLS protected
  • Data is encrypted using 2048-bit encryption key
  • For HIPAA & HITRUST compliance App server and DB server can be configured on two separate physical nodes
  • DB server is set up in secure mode with no anonymous user and no remote connectivity