iPAC™ : Designed for care continuum and quality patient care, iPACS™ ensures image and data integrity, high-availability, and performance – anywhere, anytime, and for any case. iPACS™ takes care of deployment, support, upgrades, and system maintenance and updates, allowing you to focus solely on patient care rather than worrying about IT issues.


  • Extendable and scalable Cloud platform
  • Secure and trusted Cloud Storage
  • HIPAA and HITRUST compliant
  • Supports all modalities such as MR, CT, PET, CR, US & MG.
  • Supports HL7 integration with any EHR

“Access from your mobile, laptop or desktop from anywhere securely.”



  1. Local PACS server

    This will be installed on intranet of the hospital and would be able to connect to modalities in the hospital network. It will support C-STORE, C-MOVE, C-ECHO, C-FIND DICOM commands. Also, it may have local storage which will store the DICOM objects before it send it to the cloud PACS server

  2. iPACS Web Service

    This web service sends all local DICOM objects from local to cloud iPACS server using STOW RS over HTTPS or SCP. It supports C-STORE, C-MOVE, C-ECHO, C-FIND DICOM commands. Also, it alsohas local storage which may be configured to store DICOM objects locally before it sends it to the cloud iPACS server

  3. Cloud iPACS Server

    This is on cloud instance such as Amazon EC2 instanceThe storage service uses Amazon S3 for storing DICOM objects. Also, it implements search engine to index all meta information of the DICOM Objects. It supports DICOM Web interface

    • Query (QIDO-RS)
    • Retrieve (WADO-RS, WADO-URI)
    • Store (STOW-RS)
    • Manage worklist (UPS-RS)

    This is Amazon S3 servicewhich is scalable and extensible.

  5. Access Control Layer

    A comprehensive ACL allows to manage different user roles and granularity in access.