iCare™ : Unified HIPAA compliant Telehealth platform connecting providers and patient to remotely provide continuity of care across the globe.

iCare™ offers a highly-reliable and secure telehealth platform for practitioners and caregivers to provide virtual health services to patients anytime, anywhere and from any device. Affordable care is need of the hour and iCareTM serves the same.

iCare™ enhances the patient-physician consultation experience. It allows doctors and other caregivers to virtually interact with their patients on cross platforms. In real life provider may be using his iPad, patient may be using web platform using city medical center kiosk and his relative using his laptop.

iCare™ integrates with your electronic medical record and practice management system. Additionally, data from home monitoring devices, health apps and wearables can be easily presented during consultations using iCare™.

“One scalable platform. Unlimited clinical use cases.”


Real-time Video Conferencing

iCare™ platforms allow physicians to connect with their patients or other providers through secure, multi-way video. Real-time video is the best substitute for an in-person visit, since it allows the provider and patient to interact face-to-face and provides more visual data than a consult over the phone.

Chat Function

iCare™ have a chat function that lets providers talk to patients or other physicians in real-time. Also provider-provider, provider-patient can share files, images, reports over chat.

Integrated VNA Technology

iCare™ platform is integrated with our iVNA™ out of the box which let patients and physicians share medical data, images, and patient histories in a secure way. iVNA™ platform is very popular in the field of teleradiology, where patient x-rays, MRI scans, and more are sent to a specialist for remote diagnosis. A robust archiving and compressing functions deals with detailed medical images that need to be shared with others without any drop in resolution.


iCare™ platform can be integrated with ePrescribe platform, so that healthcare providers can submit prescriptions electronically to pharmacies. No more sitting on the phone with a pharmacy, or needing to clarify a script when the pharmacy can’t decipher a provider’s handwriting.

EMR Integration

For all patient encounters to be documented and stored digitally iCare™ platform is integrated with iVNA™. Also iCare™ platform can be integrated with any third party EMR. iCare™ platform allow users to document a patient encounter, record audio or visual notes, and then attach it to the patient’s health record. iCare™ platform is built to directly integrate with EMRs, so that patient histories are readily available and record keeping among both in-person and remote visits is seamless.

Integrated Billing

iCare™ platform include a billing system. This lets providers charge and collect payment from patients for a remote visit and even file a claim — all within the telehealth system.

Medical device integration

iCare™ platform is built to connect and communicate directly with mobile medical devices. This is especially common among remote patient monitoring platforms that track patient medical data and then share it with a provider remotely.

Reporting and Analytics

iCare™ platform include variety of reporting or analytics features. For example, tracking how many remote visits a provider has done, how many different patients she or he has seen, the most common reason for the visit, how satisfied patients were with their visits, etc.

HIPAA Compliant

iCare™ uses encrypted point-to-point connections and a BAA is included with signup. HIPAA-compliant and secure for your telemedicine needs.Request a Demo