Interoperability through FHIR

The journey of interoperability is the path to the future. FHIR is the culmination of efforts and vision of the industry and non profit organization like IHE( Being an HIE and interoperability expert, FHIR was natural next step for THOUGHTi. THOUGHTi has been actively involved in FHIR adoption for achieving interoperability in healthcare.

Our Integration and Interoperability experts will connect your disparate healthcare applications so that patient data continues to flow smoothly between resident systems and devices, and to external trading partners. Your data and information generated by one system will be accessible and able to be used in a meaningful ways by other systems, whether or not the latter system is based on different technologies. This is the magic done using FHIR.

Our FHIR Services

THOUGHTi has extensive experience with the leading EHR FHIR APIs and also has experience to add FHIR support in your existing platform.

  • FHIR profiling and Implementation Guide development
  • Strategic and technical consulting
  • Software development and system integration
  • FHIR workshops
  • Support services

Our FHIR Assignments

  • Mapping proprietary data structures to the FHIR data model and building the mapping engine
  • Designing and writing FHIR profiles and Implementation Guides from scratch
  • Building FHIR profiles from existing Implementation Guides
  • Integrating a FHIR server as part of an application suite
  • Conducting workshops for vendors, where we help the interface teams of our customers to FHIR-enable their systems or building a first Proof of Concept
  • Providing technical advice on the application architecture and where FHIR fits in to it.
  • Providing FHIR resources to expand our team and meet your deadlines

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