THE SINGLE SOURCE OF TRUTH FOR PATIENT IDENTITY : within a healthcare enterprise

The quality, accuracy and consistency of a single patient’s data is fundamental for true interoperability and is essential before sharing or exchanging this information with affiliated providers, ACO partners, or newly acquired facilities. Achieving certainty in the quality of your information will ensure that the patient’s data travels safely and reaches its destination quickly, automatically and in a way, that is usable for the entire care team. EMPI (not MPI) creates a level of trust across all expanded care teams.

“Duplicate records harm your patients’ experiences.”

Using iMPI™ an organization can quickly and accurately identify and resolve duplicate records in their systems, resulting in improved quality of care and considerable cost savings relevant documents.

iMPI™ supports both probabilistic and deterministic matching algorithms.


Instead of singleview use iMPI™

iDOC Key features iMPI™ Key Features

  • Maintains source of truth, while allowing distributed authoring and data ownership.
  • Provides a flexible patient entity model and configurable matching engine.
  • Offers various interfaces (Native Java API and REST API) for creating and configuring the application.
  • Processes data updates from external systems in real-time.
  • Propagates change events for consumption by source systems
  • Supports IHE profiles for patient identity and healthcare provider directories.
  • Provides accuracy, high performance and extreme scalability.

profile iMPI™ IHE Profiles supported

  • Patient Identifier Cross Referencing (PIX) Hl7
  • Patient Demographics Query (PDQ) Hl7
  • Patient Identifier Cross Referencing (PIX) Hl7
  • Patient Demographics Query (PDQ) Hl7
  • Audit Trail and Node Authentication (ATNA)
  • Consistent Time (CT)

logical architect iMPI™ Logical Architecture


api iMPI™ REST API Resources includes

  • addIdentifierDomain
  • addIdentifierDomainAttribute
  • addPerson
  • addReviewRecordPair
  • deleteIdentifierDomain
  • deletePerson
  • deletePersonById
  • deleteReviewRecordPair
  • deleteReviewRecordPairs
  • importPerson
  • linkPersons
  • matchReviewRecordPair
  • mergePersons
  • removeIdentifierDomainAttribute
  • removePersonById
  • unlinkPersons
  • updateIdentifierDomain
  • updateIdentifierDomainAttribute
  • updatePerson
  • updatePersonById
  • findGenderByCode
  • findGenderByName
  • findIdentifierDomain
  • findLinkedPersons
  • findMatchingPersonsByAttributes
  • findPersonById
  • findPersonsByAttributes
  • findPersonsByAttributesPaged
  • findPersonsById
  • findRaceByCode
  • findRaceByName
  • getGlobalIdentifierById
  • getIdentifierDomainAttribute
  • getPersonModelAttributeNames
  • getPersonModelCustomAttributeNames
  • getSingleBestRecord
  • loadAllPersonsPaged
  • loadAllUnreviewedPersonLinks
  • loadPerson
  • loadReviewRecordPair
  • loadUnreviewedPersonLinks

access-control iMPI™ Comprehensive Access Control Layer

iMPI™ supports inbuilt ACL with:

  • User Role Management
  • User Group Management
  • User Management and Role Assignment

blocking iMPI™ Blocking and Matching Configuration

iMPI™ has powerful matching and standardization capabilities to identify and cross-reference unique healthcare entity records. This highly configurable and extensible engine allows complex data deduplication with extreme performance in real-time, enabling users to focus on making care decisions, not fixing data or finding accurate patient information. Using advanced, probabilistic or deterministic, matching algorithms, the engine swiftly links records matching the automatic linkage threshold and identifies records not meeting that threshold, but that are close enough to be in the potential duplicate workflow. The workflow allows users to link the records manually or treat them as unique for downstream applications. Users can match fields, weights and thresholds.

event iMPI™ Event Logging

  • Logs different events with reference to affected records
    • IMPORT
  • Event log viewer.

security-data Security & Data Protection

  • Server is SSL over TLS protected
  • Data is encrypted using 2048-bit encryption key
  • For HIPAA & HITRUST compliance App server and DB server can be configured on two separate physical nodes
  • DB server is set up in secure mode with no anonymous user and no remote connectivity