Move to a new EHR without losing your historical data

Why continue to pay hefty annual support fee to old EHR vendors? We can convert legacy medical records to your new EHR and ensure compliance to state mandated medical records retention requirements..

Data Extraction & Conversion

We have a capable and talented pool of resources with years of experience in extracting and converting data to vendor neutral format. We extract and convert both discrete and non-discrete data. Extraction of discrete data includes Allergies, Immunizations, Medications, Problems, Results, Scanned Images, Documents, and Vital Signs. Non-discrete data includes Notes, CCDs, Scans, Images and any other PDF documents. Get in touch to learn more about our solution.

Vendor Neutral Archive

You can now centralize clinical content and improve access with our custom vendor neutral archive solution iVNA™. This allows real-time retrieval while maintaining compliance with privacy and security regulations and assures independence from vendor-specific data formats. With iVNA™, records are easily accessible in a structured, discrete format while your practice starts fresh with a new EMR system. Vendor agnostic, iVNA™ is a searchable, read-only archive, organized by patient chart. Get in touch to learn more about our solution.

Meditech Reporting

We have a pool of resources with strong expertise in Meditech NPR reporting, Magic programming and Meditech repository services (SSRS/SSIS). We have deep knowledge about Meditech modules such as MRI, B/AR, ADM, PCI, PCS, NUR, PHA. Our team has studied various DMPs (Data Procedure Modules), including MRI, B/AR, NUR, PCI. We create custom menu routines, writing Macros and fragments and can deliver reports which required strong knowledge of subscripts, indexes, prefixes and using multiples. Get in touch to learn more about our solution.

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