At THOUGHTi™ we examine each measure that you support in your platform. We check if the measure is custom or NCQA and is available in HQMF format. Our team goes through all conditions mentioned for determining IPP, DENOM, Exceptions, NUMER. It also examines all value sets required, identifies OIDs, and all statuses.


THOUGHTi™ has developed a custom tool called CQMZen™ which generates all possible edge case scenarios for the measure. Currently CQMZen™ supports HQMF format. If a custom measure needs to be tested, our team creates the HQMF format for the measure based on specification documents provided by the client. Our team aggregates the edge cases generated by the tool and creates a test deck.


Our team uses the BONNIE tool to validate the test deck, which includes all edge cases, and to see if expected and actual results match. There are different types of checks such as passing IPP, DENO, NUMER or exceptions, etc.


Our team then uses CQMZen™ tool to generate importable data for the test deck. Currently CQMZen™ supports JSON objects but our team can work out with client tech team so that test data can be given in any pre-agreed data format such as CCDA or any other custom XML format. Our team works with the client team to get test data imported into the client’s measure calculation platform and run the measure calculations.


Our team will be at least twice as efficient as other software testing teams, as we have done the same specialized testing time and again. You only pay for the services you receive. You eliminate HR and recruitment for this specialized work. And, our work is guaranteed.


In software development you need to react fast to market opportunities. Same for QA. Experience, commitment and proven best practices are essential to deliver immediate, quality results. That’s the THOUGHTi™ difference. We are ready to deliver on day one.

Find out Gaps:

Finally, our team validates actual results from your platform from expected results, determines any gaps and generates a detailed report, so that gaps can be eliminated.

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