Impact of Neurex AI

Neurex works from point of care to point of payment 24X7 as your assistant, powered by the most advanced generative AI in healthcare.


 Neurex™ RCM
















 Neurex™ AI-Driven Medical Coding

  • Over 80% of your billing codes, generated and ready to bill without any manual input.
  • Swiftly address coding backlogs, whether due to staffing gaps or peak periods, with our on-tap coding solutions.
  • Use our system for immediate oversight, correcting errors and highlighting areas for coding quality improvement.
  • Significantly reduced claim denials to near zero with unmatched accuracy.

 Transforming the Patient Journey

1  Pre-Visit

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your patients’ health with Neurex’s 360-degree view of patient data. By leveraging complete longitudinal patient histories from your organization and other health systems, Neurex offers holistic patient information to enhance clinical decision-making. With Neurex, you have access to a single source of truth, ensuring the right information is available at the right time and place.




2.  During Visit

Experience seamless patient interactions with Neurex. Let natural conversations flow while Neurex automates clinical documentation, saving you valuable time to focus on patient care. With customizable notes for any specialty or care setting, Neurex ensures accurate and efficient documentation. Additionally, Neurex provides real-time clinical insights based on the patient’s longitudinal history and up-to-date domain knowledge, enriching the care experience.


3.  Post Visit

Streamline your post-visit workflow with Neurex. Automatically generate clinical notes instantly, seamlessly integrating with your EHR to populate the right fields. Neurex RevFlow offers autonomous medical coding, generating audited medical codes with over 98% accuracy for standards such as ICD-10, CPT, and HCPCS, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in billing and coding processes.


4.  Care Continuum

Neurex empowers you to connect various structured and unstructured data sources, ensuring continuous processing of patient clinical data. With Neurex Deep Search, effortlessly search all patient data for clinical terms or context, facilitating informed decision-making. Neurex DocFlow enables seamless workflow integration across different clinical systems, freeing you from fax management, email handling, and manual data entry hassles, thus streamlining care delivery across the continuum.