Want to start building your career? Our internships are a good place to start.

thoughti internship programTHOUGHTi consistently searches for internship candidates across our 3 pillar functions in our THOUGHTi’s future growth across North America and Asia market. Internship opportunities at THOUGHTi allow candidates a true experience in the world of building a business focused on the healthcare sector in North American market. We search for candidates who are seeking an hands -on experience in a fast-paced and challenging environment and be response for the results and growth.

The internship opportunities at THOUGHTi exist in three functional areas of the firm: HR, Technology, and Business.

HR Internships

HR-internTHOUGHTi is now geared to adopt to the new wave of HR practices – we call it HR 2.0 which includes identifying the newer technology to automate most of the HR function and engage selectively into various HR processes. Talent Acquisition is key area for THOUGHTi to be able to serve our client in a timely manner and we see a huge scope for relationship building with talents, building social capital and network to be able to effectively support client on their most business critical IT project projects. The aim of internship is to find future HR Manager2.0 who will build a great social capital network and take advantage to serve our client on a timely basis and claim their piece pie in the profits.


Technology Internships

Tech - internTechnology is the final product at THOUGHTi. Interns interested in Technology Internships will gain exposure and experience with project management, software engineering, building solution application development, quality assurance, and help desk solutions in area of healthcare industry. As a firm, THOUGHTi is constantly investing in new technology in healthcare space to help achieve goals of the healthcare service providers to stay on highest ranking.


Business Internships

business-internBusiness strategy is a key function at THOUGHTi to provide solution to the healthcare industry. Identifying the gaps in the healthcare industry and supporting it with a solution ideas and then actually creating a prototype with tech team and delivering to the management ‘The first experience of solutions’. The interns will also be part of the entire sales cycle right from marketing collateral to presales storyline, till the transaction. Explore innovative ways to automate healthcare service provider’s patient engagement processes to help them achieve compliance and highest rankings.